Life Can Be Difficult For Everyone Essay

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Life can be difficult for everyone. Jobs, school, basic responsibilities, and obligations make life more troublesome. That presentation for work has to be finished by tomorrow. That thesis paper is due today by email. Approximately fourteen loads of laundry need to be washed, dried, folded, and put up. That housewarming party is tonight at six. There are so many burdensome duties that come along with living. When one is less than punctual with their responsibilities, life can inflict harsh, cruel circumstances. People can get burnt out very quickly, losing motivation to continue on in life. This is why people need a loving and supporting inner circle to help with the stress of the world. When times are tough, people are encouraged by their family. This is what author Joy Harjo explains in “Perhaps the World Ends Here.” Enlisting the help of a kitchen table, Harjo shows how the family comes together to encourage growth within all its members. The details, nondescript imagery, and metaphors and personification used by Harjo in “Perhaps the World Ends Here” emphasize the theme that the family nurtures, grows, and encourages its members though all stages of life. First, the details in this poem emphasize the theme that the family nurtures, grows, and encourages each of its members through every stage of life. According to this piece, “the world begins at a kitchen table.” The world begins somewhere for each family. Harjo explains that the kitchen table is where the world…

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