Life Before And After His Encounter With Allah Essay

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RE-113 Assignment Thirteen
(1) Who was Muhammad? Describe his life before and after his encounter with Allah. Muhammad was the founder of the Islamic faith and his life began in Mecca in the year 570 CE. After Muhammad was born, his father had died, then as a child his life grew more unstable as his mother died, forcing him to live with his grandfather, and after his grandfather died he was taken in by his uncle Abu Talib. Muhammad youth was stricken with instability and heartbreak, but as a young adult he began working as a caravan driver for a woman would later become his first wife. She greatly influenced Muhammad’s life, for he benefited greatly from her support and wisdom. One day, as Muhammad was meditating, he received his first encounter with Allah, more specifically through what Muhammad believed to be an angel from Christian and Hebrew scripture. Not long after his encounter with the angel, he began to spread the message that he was given and his life began to change drastically. Muhammad gained followers as he spread the revelations given to him, eventually the people of Mecca were threatened by the growing faith and he was forced to flee to a town that would later become Medina. In the small town, he amassed more followers and gained political power: Muhammad and his forces would eventually achieve their goal of returning to Mecca and conquering it in the name of Allah.
(2) What are the Five Pillars of Islam? Describe each in detail. The Five Pillars of…

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