Life As A Veterinary Technician Essay

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Life as a Veterinary Technician
While researching information about how to be a veterinary technician, I found some websites that had authors that wrote about how to achieve the education you need to be a veterinary technician. Most of these authors wrote the text in order of what educations you need to become a veterinarian. The other information is the work and work conditions on the job. Veterinary medicine is a field for people that want to work with animals and don’t mind getting dirty, but is also requires the vet to be available to the patients 24/7.
In order to become a veterinarian you have to do a few years in college. You will need to have 4 years in a college or university. While you’re in college you need to study biology, chemistry, physics, nutrition and animal science in order to get the degree you need. The degree you need to become a vet is a bachelor 's degree. You could also have an undergraduate degree but then you won’t get paid as much as if you have a bachelor 's degree. Before you can become a full time vet you need to have a 1 year internship. You will also need 4 years in veterinary school so you learn all the proper things to become a vet. There are a few schools that are able to teach this type of degree, but if you go to a cheap college then you probably won 't get the information you need.
Working conditions When you are a veterinarian you have many different place you can work. Some of the work conditions are dangerous because…

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