Life As A Hunter Gatherer Lifestyle Essay example

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If someone came up to you and said that they’d pay you $100 to give up your current lifestyle and return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, would you do it? What about for $1,000? Would you still do it for no money at all, but with the knowledge that it would give you a better life? I would. My family would think me to be crazy. In fact, most Americans and Europeans would think that I was crazy, too. As stated in the passage Agriculture, for Better and Worse by Jared Diamond, they would think that I was crazy because “most people in modern industrial societies enjoy better health than hunter- gatherers.” Not only that, but these Americans and Europeans also enjoy more leisure time. Despite the better health and more leisure time, life as a hunter-gather is a lot better than an agricultural life. I would return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle if it were possibly simply because of the better diet, amount of leisure time, and egalitarian worldview. Today, the world is very much dependent on agriculture. It’s the main reason why we can live sedentary lives today. We no longer obtain our meals through foraging, but by simply driving to the closest supermarket to buy what we need and storing it in a refrigerator. This method, as anyone would agree, is much more faster and convenient than hunting down a wild animal or gathering plants every day. When you walk into a supermarket, you are faced by a plethora of foods. You would think that the diet of a human today has much more variety…

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