Life And Life Of The Black Belt Essay

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He married his wife Christy in 1993, with whom he has three sons with; the family of five live in Jacksonville, Florida together. Charles has known and loved Christy for over half of his life. Hobbies of Martin 's include, working out (this includes different things such as Fight Fit-a kind of martial art, and a mix of different old school type stuff), bow hunting, and Tae Kwon Do. Martin also likes to fish with his sons, works in his yard with his wife, coach T-ball, and prays with his sons at their beds before they go to sleep. In 2012, he earned his black belt despite not being very flexible, and his sons are all better at it. Martin believes however, that he enjoys it much more than they do.

He earned a B.A. in English from Flordia State University, and also has an M.A. in Journalism, and a Ph.d. in Communications that he received from Regent Universtity. For one year, he was an adjunct professor at Hampton University in the English Department, and was a doctoral fellow at Regent.

At the turn of the century, he left his career in business to become a novelist. He has written nine novels, and has written his autobiography that is a self-published ebook called "River Road". He has also written a non-fiction story about Bill Frist, who is a senate majority leader and heart transplant surgeon. The work on the story helped give him research on a novel that he was writing at the time called, "When Crickets Cry", something that he does not think is a coincidence. Martin 's…

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