Is Life Meaningful Analysis

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1- What are the various interpretations that can applied to the word “meaningful” in the question “Is life meaningful?” How does each interpretation impact the resultant answer?

There are two interpretations that can be applied to the word “meaningful” in the question “Is life meaningful?” The first is that of objective meaning. This means that in order for life to have meaning, it must have objective meaning. Objective in this context refers to the independence of other’s thoughts or what they think. This theory connects to the presents of God and his ultimate plan. As God is an outside source, this theory still falls in line with the definition of objectivity. Therefore, this interpretation answers the question of whether life is meaningful
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He does not believe in God and rejects the supernatural. In the film he states, “We define ourselves by the choices we have made. We are in fact the sum total of our choices” (Crimes and Misdemeanors). Here we can see his humanistic view and connection to the existentialism ideas of finding one’s self through personal action. As well, he questions daily human activities, by exploring how humans find meaning in their relationships and deeds. Ultimately, Levy commits suicide, showing that he was unable to answer the question of whether life is meaningful from a subjective approach. Though he focused on existentialism and the humanistic framework, he was unable to find meaning within this, resulting in his …show more content…
Without the presences of God and God’s plan, “everything is permissible” (Litch and Karofsky: 233). Therefore, existentialism refutes determinism. Existentialism asserts that we must make our own path and find our own meaning, thus life has not been predetermined as is argued in the theory of determinism. I would argue that as existentialists follow a more humanistic framework, it would lean more towards the ideas of human free will.

5- What does Jean-Paul Sartre’s claim that “existence precedes essence” mean and why is it essential to existentialism? Incorporate at least one properly cited quote from Sartre’s essay Existentialism is a Humanism to bolster your

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