Life And Debt Film Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… For example, one Jamaican farmer who was in the milk produce industry was interviewed. This farmer said that because of the Regulations the IMF set on Jamaica and its import export business, he went from producing 3000 quarts of milk a day to 600! He said he had been impacted so severely that he at times had to open up his milk tanks and just dump the milk out because it can’t stay there that long and remain fresh. The movie pretty much showed that only businesses thriving in Jamaica ever since the agreements made with the IMF are coffin-making, tourism, and guard dog training. Interviews of actual people impacted by the IMF regulations are strengths in the movie because viewers get to see and hear it from someone who witnessed it first hand, so they have a better understanding of the affects it had on …show more content…
All throughout the movie you heard about how the economy fell, jobs were rough, prices were high, and people were treated unfairly because of the agreements and the loans from the IMF. For example, the movie talks about the Free zones that opened in Jamaica in the 1980’s. Free zones were pretty much like factories that were located on the border of Jamaica. These free zones have no tax on their products, and were exempt from custom duties on their imports and exports. The free zones in the movie did a great job showing a visual argument. When they went inside the free zones you saw the workers working in such horrible conditions, and saw all the horrific things they had to do for very little pay. With the help of the sad music playing in the background while the film examined inside the free zones, you couldn’t help but to argue that these free zones were pretty much legal slavery. The movie seemed to have only focused on the negatives of the free zones. Like how the pay was low, the conditions were horrible, and the employers were treated poorly. It never talked about any good coming from the free zones, like the fact that with the free zones opening Jamaican’s without jobs had a chance to get a job there. So without any of the positive’s coming from the IMF loans talked about in the movie, even if there was only a

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