Essay on Life and Death in Assisted Living

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Life and Death in Assisted Living Communal living that provides planned activities, housekeeping and laundry, transportation, exercise, meals, and wellness programs is assisted living. These facilities assist with activities of daily living: such as bathing, eating, dressing, and medical reminders. The Emeritus Corporation provides trained nursing assistants that help the elderly with aided care. In this corporation they also provide a memory care wing for the residents suffering dementia or Alzheimer’s. This unit requires their staff to go through “General Orientation” and have an eight-hour class that’s the Join Their Journey Program, teaching them how to approach and speak to the residents. “Assisted living was created to offer …show more content…
One of the cases investigated was George McAfee who suffered dementia; he wandered the facility and drank a forgotten dishwasher-fluid that contained a poisonous chemical. McAfee was burned, and later died. Emeritus was then found negligent for the death of George McAfee. Another case that was investigated was Joan Boice’s death. She was later moved to a nursing home due to a fall and lack of supervision; there doctors discovered life-threatening wounds. “The law in California says you have to have enough staff to meet the needs of your residents, each resident in your building, and it has to be enough in number and competency…And when I looked into— subpoenaed all of the personnel files for the caregivers, I found over and over and over again they did not have the state-required mandated training. They didn’t have the Emeritus-required training. Not only did the caregivers not have it, the directors didn’t have it,” said Lesley Clement. It was not shocking to the family or the investigators that Boice was not well taken care of; Emeritus was liable for recklessness, oppression, and fraud in the wrongful death of Joan Boice. The intention for assisted livings were greatly needed for the people who

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