Life And Accomplishments Of Martha Bernal Essay

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This paper explores the life and accomplishments of Martha Bernal, a clinical psychologist, and her contributions to the field of psychology. Martha Bernal was born in San Antonio, Texas on April 13, 1931 to parents, Alicia and Enrique, who emigrated from Mexico as young adults. She was raised in El Paso, Texas and grew up immersed in her parents’ traditional Mexican culture, while simultaneously having the bicultural experience of a Mexican American. She had desires of advancing her education, but this was frowned upon by her traditional father. Her father did not encourage her to get an education, and didn’t support her wanting to go to a local college because he felt it was a woman’s job to get married and have kids and that an education was a waste of time. Her mother and sister, however, encouraged her and helped her convince her father to allow her to attend college and get an education (Vasquez, 2001). Bernal attended and received her bachelor’s degree from Texas Western College (now called the University of Texas at El Paso). She then attended graduate programs at Syracuse University and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Later, she went on to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology at Indiana University Bloomington. Her whole life, she had to deal with the negativity and difficulties of racism, sexism, and limited economic resources, but through hard work and with the help of those around her she was able to accomplish her goals (Vasquez, 2002). Bernal grew…

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