Life Among The Piutes : Their Wrongs And Claims Essay

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The following is from Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Winnemucca wrote her book Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims in 1882. Winnemucca wrote this book to help highlight stories of her people and the interactions they had with white European and American settlers. Winnemucca hoped her writings would have the desired outcome of forcing change and getting public opinion and government officials on the sides of Native American tribes.
Winnemucca portrayed cross-cultural interaction as inevitable. Nevertheless early interactions with white settlers and pioneers set the tone for all the following years of Winnemucca’s life. Personally however Winnemucca feared interactions with the white people in her youth.. During early interaction Winnemucca learned English and how the whites behaved, and how they pitied her and her people.
Winnemucca’s grandfather seemed ecstatic that his “white brothers” had arrived. He must have known that whites would arrive sooner or later. In the early days all things seemed to be peaceful but it would not stay this way. During following interactions with settlers and explores her grandfather was given the name of “Captain Truckee” by General Freemont. Winnemucca explains where this name came from. “The third year more emigrants came, and that summer Captain Fremont, who is now General Fremont.

My grandfather met him, and they were soon friends. They met just where the railroad crosses Truckee River, now called Wadsworth, Nevada. Captain Fremont…

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