Life Altering Events Of Life Essays

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No one cares to think about life-altering events in which they have no control; I am no exception. This is especially true when you lose a loved one. People pass from this life every day and leave loved ones behind to grieve the loss. Not unique in that regard, I am not the only person to ever suffer a loss such as this. Facing the future without her was nothing for which I could prepare. Looking back on the situation, there was nothing for which to prepare; she was only fifty-one years old. I knew her health was not the best; however, the diagnosed health problems were not what killed her. Occurring without warning, her untimely death was devastating. Just like that – gone forever. The realization hit me square in the face – she was no longer on earth, and life as I knew it would never be the same. As a result of her death, my siblings and I no longer had a mother to share our lives, Nana no longer had grandkids sitting in her lap, and my dad lost his wife and life partner. Suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), high blood pressure and obesity my mother’s health had declined. Obviously, her health was not the best; although it was manageable. In the days leading up to the visit to the hospital, she had not been feeling great. During a phone conversation with her, she mentioned having some pain under ribcage; however, she did not know what was causing her discomfort. Later that night, my father rushed her to the emergency room because…

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