Lies My Teacher Told Me By James Loewen Essay

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The book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen, exposed may of the historical fallacies taught in American schools. Loewen’s exposé generated a number of question regarding the teachers attitude toward these lies. One of those questions inquires as why educators perpetuate myth rather than offer student a more accurate account of American history. Newcomers teachers usually have the illusion of changing the educational system; however, the system has been proved to be unchangeable.
Teachers do not tell their student lies because they want to. First of all, the resources material at their disposal are controlled by the higher ups in the social strata; the politicians the financial moguls and other social power that fort millennials have been controlling this society to an extend that even if the teachers reveled against the system, it would prove in vain, since most of the first hand historical information are also under the control of those group. Second, the indoctrinated society special the social unit known as family is extremely sensitive about the information their children learn.
When information other that the one provided by the authorities is displayed, chaos ensues and anything outside of the standardized moral and ideological precepts, is considered taboo and bound to censorship. A clear example of this practice, is the story of Helen Keller, most children only know some information about her struggles growing up blind and deaf and a little information of her…

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