Libraries Of The Future Public Libraries Essay

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Libraries of the future public libraries are moving into a direction of redesigning library space, moving away from set traditional ways and welcoming the digital age for their communities. As we take a closer glance into the future it entitles people wanting to gaining access to information at a rapid rate. However, the challenges public libraries will face are securing adequate funding to support such major changes.

Eliminating the Dewey systems application
Consenus (2009) examined the effect of the public libraries that will take place within the next 10 years. It is perceived that libraries will be eliminating the different types of applications, such as the Dewey system in replacement for faster access such as searching blogs, online discussion groups and or web pages. Censenus (2009) argued that Gartner Research group had already predicted several years back that, “80 % of internet users will be engaging in some form of virtual world activity by the year of 2011” (Censenus, 2009, p. 14). In the upcoming years traditional lending will be replaced with downloadable format, this will be an easier and faster process when using some type of electronic device. Base on the research, public libraries in the future will be force to be innovative or their doors can be shut permanently.

Libraries adapting to the new design of library services Thompson (2015) examined the key trends that are emerging in the future as it relates to public libraries. The transformation that…

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