Libraries All Around The World Essay

1387 Words May 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Libraries all around the world are closing because of the advancement of technology that exists in our world today. There seems to be less need for libraries because of websites like Google, where you can get results instantly, where in a library it would takes a few minutes, possibly hours to find what you are looking for. Throughout the years, technology has become more advanced and it has introduced a type of book called an e-book, which is a book that can be read on electronic devices such as a kindle, nook, or even your phone. As more books are released online through e-books, less people feel the need to go out to a library or bookstore to obtain a physical copy of a book. This transition from physical copies of books to ebooks is a problem in our society because e-books have been shown to damage people’s health and negatively affect how we comprehend what we read. As technology advances more, libraries will continue to close unless someone tries to stop it. To give the future generations a chance at being well-educated, libraries need to stay open so that teachings of great authors can be preserved.
The fact that libraries are closing is a big issue. Libraries used to be the place where people would go to gather information for school in order to do their homework. People would also go to the library if they were curious and wanted to find out new things. Now that there are websites like Google and many other browsing networks, libraries seem to be getting useless.…

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