Liberty Freedom And Equality Essay example

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From the construction of this nation, to becoming America, this nation has promoted three main concepts: liberty freedom and equality. The conspiracy between the founding concepts and the idea of who is granted these privileges was still to be determined in the following years to come. Since the creation of this nation, women were unprivileged as their natural rights were not taken into consideration. Women in the 1700’s were seen as strictly domestic housewives continuing with the perception that women belonged at home and men belong in the work force. For the most part, women were seen and treated as property. Before a woman would get married a father had total control of their daughters. Ones she was ready to get married the husband continued with the responsibility while the wife obeyed to his rules. In the eyes of men, the only responsibilities a women had was to obey their rules, stay home to cook and clean and care for their children emotionally. By mid 1700’s, women would protest against small political issues but their voice still remained unheard. The morals implicated to men, denied the women their rights. “The laws that Americans inherited from English common law denied women’s [rights] because they denied that women were autonomous persons and citizens in their own right” ( The morality and prejudice of this nation segregated groups of people such as women and then continuing with the slaves. From the perspective of history, this nation created…

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