Authoritarianism Vs Right-Wing

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Sangeeta Rana

In this essay I will talk about 4 different kinds of economic and social policies, and how they correspond to a right-wing, left-wing, libertarian or authoritarian policies. In the first paragraph I will explain the difference between the right and left-wing and in the second one it will be the difference between a libertarian and authoritarian policies. In the third one I will talk and explain which one of the left-wing or right-wing is an example of the one of the two economic proposed policies. Same goes for the next paragraph but i am going to talk about which of the two social proposed policies goes with authoritarian or libertarian policies, and I will end this essay with a conclusion of everything I said.

First of all
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The difference between a libertarian policy and an authoritarian policy is that they are the exact opposite of each other. Libertarians values liberty, freedom and tends to focus all of their time and support peoples individual rights. There is a statement said by the Libertarian Party and I quote:
“We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individuals.”(Libertarian Party Platform 2014) They want the individuals to have to right to rule their own life and do as they please without being forced to do something or to have any interferences from the government or any authority with power. However, even though they are free their actions has to harm no one but themselves. For the authoritarians they value authority, and in an authoritarian state there is one person who has all the supreme power and we call this person “a sovereign”. In this typical monarchy state people are obligated to obey him and his law, their liberty and freedom are very limited and they 're agains individual rights. They can 't do or say what they want and there is not much of a social
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The first proposal is about the legalization of marijuana which is an example of a libertarian policy because consuming it won 't harm anyone but yourself and since libertarians values liberty you 're free to live and do what ever you want. The liberals have decided to legalize it because people would find ways to get some even if it was illegal.This last proposal was changed from 1 baby to 2 because the population was aging and so now you can have a maximum of two children per couple in China which is an example of an authoritarian policy because Chinese don 't have unlimited liberty like some other countries. They have to obey what has been said to them and the laws. China is basically an authoritarian country

To conclude, as you see the right-wing, left-wing, libertarian and authoritarian policies are very different for each other but a few of them can have some similarities example between the right-wing policy and the libertarian policy, both of them don 't want interference from a government. These policies all have their own ideas to try and help their citizens. Overall they all just want the best for everyone and their

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