Liberation Theology : A Vital Theological Perspective For Our Time

1884 Words May 24th, 2015 8 Pages
Liberation theology has a deep history through Latin America in which it “was born when faith confronted the injustice done to the poor” (Boff & Boff, pg. 3). Liberation Theology is a vital theological perspective for our time. Liberation theology is designed so that the poor can be set free. Liberation means liberation from oppression (Boff & Boff, pg. 24). That means being liberated in societal norms that oppress certain communities. For the purpose of this paper, the oppressed will often be noted as black women. Because of social oppression, black women have taken a toll on being socially oppressed based off their race, ethnicity and sexuality. These women are degraded through societal norms and the way that our culture treats them as women. The statistics display that only 1.4 percent of black women hold at least a college degree compared to 30 percent of white women. Looking specifically in education, only 2 percent of black women are represented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs, while women make up 24 percent of the STEM workforce. Looking into economic information, according to work-life earnings, white women will make more money than black women regardless of what degrees they have obtained. Also financially, the poverty rate for black women is 28.6 percent in comparison to the poverty rate of white, non-Hispanic women being 10.8 percent. In relation to leadership, in 2013, of the 98 women in congress, only 14 of them were black…

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