Liberation Of Germany And Nazi Camps Essay

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Liberation of Germany and Nazi Camps The Holocaust and Hitler’s reign over Europe was a very dark time for the entire world until Germany and the concentration camps were liberated. This is very important because it changed the course of history, and the laws and ways of war. Germany and Hitler were ruling over a large part of central Europe, and their plan was to control all of Europe. The invasion of Northern Europe and the conquest of Germany by allied forces was the most pivotal role in the downfall of Germany and the ending of World War II. Hitler had created an unknown amount of concentration camps in total, and the liberation of those camps truly showed that the war had been a victory for the allies.
Invasion of Europe During World War II, the U.S. tried to stay uninvolved with Germany, but eventually they decided to intervene. The U.S. decided that their best strategy was to invade Northern Europe through the French coast of Normandy (Scholastic 29-30). These series of invasions were later known as D-Day. The invasions of Northern Europe began on June 6th , 1944 (Scholastic 36). The attack on Utah Beach was a great success, with nearly 23,000 men and 1,700 vehicles ashore by the end of the day, but the attack on Omaha beach was nearly a disaster. Over 2,500 troops were killed during the invasion (Scholastic 36). The United States now had forces within Europe. After D-Day, the U.S. troops began to regain their strength, and devise a new plan to attack Germany. The…

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