Liberals vs Conservatives Essays

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Liberals Vs Conservatives
I would like to start by saying that I consider it to be a tragedy that this assignment is necessary. I can not believe that so many people in our class do not know the liberal and conservative views on some of the most basic topics. I by no means think that everyone should believe all of the things that I do, but at the very least they do need to know what both parties have to offer. They have obviously been voting solely on party lines and chose their side based on what their parents, people in their community, etc told them. They have in no way made any kind of informed decisions over the last 20 years of voting. I do however commend you for trying to get people to care more about these very basic but
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They also have the tendency to bring religion into their argument. They say that God created that life with a purpose and even if the girl doesn't see that plan he does, and wants the child to grow-up and live a wonderful life. The liberals find that part of the argument to be very foolish. There are so many different religions in our world and country. One may not agree with any of the other religions but they at the same time can not condemn them for believing differently. Just as radical as the Christians get there are people that believe just as strongly in their religion. Using any religion as a political argument is ignorant. Liberals are pro-choice. It seems that pro-choice gets substituted for pro-abortion in many people's minds. The liberals basically want to take a hands-off approach when it comes to abortion. They consider the decision to have an abortion is a personal choice of a woman regarding her own body. Plenty of pro-choice liberals are Christians. They themselves would not have an abortion, they just do not think anyone should tell someone else what to do on such a personal matter. Abortion was made illegal in the past but woman still had them. The abortions were done with coat hangers but untrained people. Women put themselves at horrible risk in the past trying to what they considered the right thing to do. Women should be guaranteed the right to

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