Liberals Are Wrong About The Constitution Essay

1466 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
“The Liberals and Conservatives have expressed that they support the Constitution, and the values symbolized in it, but they frequently fight about the government’s power when it comes to criminal justice, moral regulatory, the economic regulatory powers and its war powers (Lentz, T.,2013).” Liberals are very easily angered when someone accuses them or suggests that they do not understand or support the Constitution. Unfortunately, Liberals have stopped believing in the principles of the Constitution but the reasons why are not clear. We must now try to figure out why Liberals are wrong about the Constitution. There are several reasons why Liberals are wrong about the Constitution. Liberal says that they do not like the Constitution because they feel that it is a puzzling and rigid document that only a person of higher learning (i.e. professor, scholars, Ivy Leaguers, etc.) can understand it Liberals believe that the Constitution should be explained according to the current social changes and expectation. “The Constitution had become so irrelevant to liberals that when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked, regarding Obamacare, where in the document Congress is granted the power to force people to buy health insurance, she asked incredulously, “Are you serious? Are you serious (Troia, N., 2011)?

“According to Clark Niely III (an attorney at the Institute for Justice) Liberals often argue for a living Constitution whose meaning evolves with time…

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