Liberalism Is Equality For All, No Matter Race, Gender, Class, Sexual Orientation, Or Religion

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The political ideology I identify the most with is liberalism. Liberalism is basically equality for all, no matter race, gender, class, sexual orientation, or religion. Liberalism typically wants more federal government involvement in social issues and economic issues. My main focus on liberalism is social issues.
Coming from a family that is in touch with their faith, while at the same time does not go to church often; my parents are liberal themselves. Both of my parents have been discriminated against for either their ethnicity or gender, which is why they identify as liberal. They want rights, not only for themselves but for their kids too. My dad takes time to read multiple articles about social and economic issues in the world today and has encouraged me to do so as well. Both my mother and father let me know that they will support me no matter what. Whatever I choose to do in my life that isn’t harmful to other people or myself, they will support me. Being raised with constant reassurance that they will support and love me has definitely influenced my liberal ideology. My father votes every year, my mother doesn’t really vote due to the fact that neither of the candidates (ever apparently) appeals to her. I’m a minor but as soon as I can vote I will.
Simply being a woman of color, I know the struggles that minorities and women go through first hand. Not only that, generations of my family have gone through discrimination because of the color of their…

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