Liberalism Is An Ideology Based On The Liberty And Equality Essay

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Liberalism is an ideology based on the liberty and equality of every individual in society, and has evolved throughout history because of the recurring rejection of itself as an ideology. From the perspective of the source, liberalism is the source of inequality in multiple aspects of society. It goes on to say that it is crucial to reject the principles of liberalism at every opportunity. However, in historical and modern examples, societies that reject the core ideals of liberalism often are susceptible to fascist and totalitarian regimes, which generally encourages and fosters inequality. This can be seen in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), specifically in the thirties, forties, and early fifties under Joseph Stalin 's dictatorship and totalitarian regime. In this era, entire classes, like the Kulaks, were persecuted, and millions starved in a what has been described as a man-made famine, the Holodomor. The consequences of the fanatical rejection of liberalism can also be seen in Germany during the aftermath of World War I, and the rise of Adolph Hitler. With human experimentation, racial and religious discrimination, and the Holocaust at the forefront of the reign of Hitler, fascism, the complete rejection of liberalism, was easily recognizable, and resulted in millions of deaths. In addition to historical examples, repercussions of rejections of liberalism are still visible today in the institutional racism towards aboriginal people of Canada. This…

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