Liberal Education: What Is Higher Education?

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What is higher education anyway? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, higher education is “education beyond the secondary level; especially education provided by a college or university.” Today, the argument is whether this higher education should be focused on a more liberal education or a more utilitarian education. A liberal education is often defined as one that is broad and provides knowledge of a variety of subjects. Martin Luther King Jr. was in favor of a liberal education, saying that education has two functions: utility and culture. He said that education must provide critical thinking skills and character in addition to intelligence (King, Martin Luther, Jr, 1947). Ken Bain in What the Best College Students Do, says a broad education …show more content…
Each university or state government could have their own factors for helping the amount of student debt within the entirety of the United States. Institutions could offer more incentives for more majors. Some of these incentives could be giving more scholarship money to scholars within fields that are going to directly affect the community like education major or any pre-professional majors due to the constant need of having these personnel in society in order to function on a daily basis. Another way to reduce the amount of college would be to have more online classes available for students. This would allow the professors to reach more students with less of the effort of having to give multiple lectures over the same material in a day. This would also increase the amount of students that have to have preserving and self reliance in order to manage their time with these classes due to the lack of structure of physical engagement. Another way to reduce the cost of college tuition is to have courses taught by a part time faculty member rather than having a full time faculty member. This could also decrease class size with there being more graduate students teaching classes which could possibly result in an increase in the grades of the student body which could potentially increase the amount of

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