Liberal Education And Conservative Education Essay

1580 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
Liberal education is often incorporated into universities’ undergraduate programs. It is an approach to learning that prepares individuals for complexity, diversity and change. Liberal education curriculum provides learning in multiple disciplines and also offers an in-depth study of a chosen major. Undergraduate programs inforce this broad education with general education courses that require me to remain open to new experiences, ideas and people. Liberal education encourages me to think beyond my major in exercise science, and instead consider how these courses provide a solid foundation for my lifelong learning. As an undergraduate in liberal education I gain a broader knowledge of the world while developing strong skills in communication, analytics and problem solving. Skills I learn within liberal education will be applied in the real-world setting as I contribute to my community, profession and to my own well-being.
At Grand Valley, liberal education highly encourages interaction between students and professors. Professors’ office hours are a way for students and professors to get to know each other. Students are encouraged to meet with professors to better understand and succeed in courses. Knowledge of a professor’s teaching technique, means that students are able to meet the intended course requirements and excel in their learning. Professors are able to help student succeed in classrooms when they have an understanding of their learning style. One on one…

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