Liberal Christianity Vs Christian Fundamentalism Essay

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Liberal Christianity vs Christian Fundamentalism
There has always been a tension between those who have a liberal perspective and those who have a fundamentalist perspective on anything in life. This is for good reason, those with liberal views believe change is necessary and those with fundamentalist views believe that change is not. When you apply these two ways of thinking to a religious text such as the Christian Bible you get a separation within a religion. Between the two ways of thinking the Bible is one of the few things that does not change which is why it is the root of their separation. Although many forms of Christianity may seem to blend together, different Interpretations of religious text can greatly impact the beliefs and practices of their members.
If you are going to understand both liberal and fundamentalist views regarding how they interpret religious text, it is important to start with a brief explanation of the Bible. The Bible is a collection of religious scriptures written by many different people of many different languages. Scriptures are written accounts of the Christian religion of both words spoken by god and other accounts of the Christian religion. In the versions we read today all of these scriptures have been translated in a way that we can make sense of it. This is the reason that many different versions of the Bible are created, we cannot expect everyone to interpret scripture the same. Finally, the content of the Bible is split into…

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