Essay on Liberal Bias Of The Media

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Liberal Bias in the Media
Since the media has been around, there have always been accusations of biased opinions being published to the public. Particularly in today’s news, there seems to be a very heavy bias towards liberals and liberal ideas. While conservatives have been making this argument for years, the truth of the matter seems to become clearer each day. With today’s technology, the media is in more places than ever. In fact, it’s everywhere. The internet contains a plethora of media outlets constantly informing you of the world’s news. Even if you don’t want to see it. With these advances in technology, the ability for biased opinions to be projected across the media has become strong than ever, and the targeted audiences can now be reached with just the click of a button. So, how exactly does the media project this bias? According to an article published by in April of 2016, only six percent of the two-thousand Americans who were surveyed felt that had a “great deal of confidence” in the media today. Fifty-two percent said they had “some confidence” while forty-one percent claimed they had “hardly any confidence”. This is proof of just how corrupt the media industry has become. People have lost confidence in the press and their ability to give us truthful, non-biased news reports on what’s happening not only in our own country but around the world as well. Throughout this year’s election, there have been many instances of bias in the media regarding…

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