Liberal Arts Education Is More Beneficial Than A Technical Or Standard Education

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It has long been debated whether a liberal arts education is more beneficial to a student than a technical or standard education. Should one concentrate one’s time and energy only on the subject of his/ her major? Would a broader education, filled with a wide variety of interesting subjects to explore, be a better option? The choice is really up to the individual. There are a number of things to consider in this decision making. Some of these are: the type of career one would like to pursue, the amount of money available for education, and personal preference. If money were no object, however, a liberal arts education can be quite beneficial to a student. My cousin Daniel and I have both been on this roller coaster ride of a decision making. We both chose totally different paths, however. Daniel opted for a two- year technical school where he could concentrate on his field of study and begin his career sooner. He did not believe that a liberal arts degree was right for him. I, on the other hand, saw the merits of a four year liberal arts degree. I wanted to explore a variety of subjects and pursue outside interests. The whole college experience was exciting to me! Was one of us wiser than the other? Time will tell. Until then, I still believe a liberal arts degree has many benefits. The benefits are that a liberal arts degree helps the student to determine a career path, helps create a well- rounded individual, and enables the student to have a better chance at becoming…

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