Liberal Arts College And University Might Be The Best Option Essay

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While applying for college, one of the most important questions that bothers most of the students is “which school should I apply”. Choosing between small Liberal Arts Colleges and large research Universities is the first step of figuring out which school to go to. There has been a heated debate over which one of the kinds of education is better. To find the answer of which kind of education is better, we need to discuss the origins, aims, difference, and career path of both educational models.
Based on the evidence I’ve seen, I would argue that the combination of Liberal Arts College and University might be the best option: as they have the advantage of both types of education.

λ Origins and Aims Liberal Arts Education was considered as an essential education for free people active in civic life back in the era of classical antiquity. At that time, liberal arts only contained grammar, rhetoric and logic. The aim of Liberal Arts Education at that time was to make people virtuous and knowledgeable in many fields. Although the Liberal Arts Education nowadays has a greater range of subjects and an upgraded teaching system, it still contains the same core purpose as the medieval colleges: “to develop well-rounded individuals with general knowledge of a wide range of subjects and with mastery of a range of transferable skills”. It seeks to enhance students in both intellectual and practical abilities:
“To practice analytical thinking and communicate well in written and oral…

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