Liar, The Soldier, Spy, By Karen Abbott Essay

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Karen Abbott’s book Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, tells a story about four women who risked their lives to become undercover spies in the Civil War. These four women were, Belle Boyd, Emma Edmonds, Rose O’ Neal Greenhow, and Elizabeth Van Lew.

Belle Boyd, also known as the fastest girl in Virginia, she was born on May 4th, 1844. She was the oldest child of her parents and had a great childhood, she called herself a tom boy quite often because would always play like the boys. Even though her parents didn’t have money she still received a good education. Belle’s spy career started by chance, she never thought she would do it, especially being only 17 years old. One day some Union soldiers heard she had Confederate flags in her room and they went to investigate. After they found them the Union hung one of their flags outside her house and started cussing at her mother. Belle became furious, grabbed a pistol and shot and killed one of the Union men. After that, guards were posted around her house to keep track of her whereabouts. Belle would seduce the union soldiers to get their secrets and would bring them to the Confederate officers by her slave Eliza Hopewell, who would keep the messages in a hollowed out case. On belle’s first attempt at spying she was caught and told she could be sentenced to death if caught again, after that she started thinking of better ways to spy. On the evening in mid may in 1862 Belle hid in a closet in the parlor of a local hotel while the…

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