Li Young Lee 's The Rose Essay

1968 Words Oct 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Li-Young Lee is a talented Indonesian poet. Lee immigrated to America at a very young age,after 1959-1964 when he was traveling with his parents through Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan.Li Young Lee’s book the Rose is filled with beautifully written poems because that come from the heart, as he talks about meaning behind his relationships with his family, and how they relate to the idea of friendship, love, culture, or trying to find the meaning of life. One of the major themes of Li-Young Lee’s poems is relationships and he relates it to his life through situations when he tries to encounter friendship, culture,love, or determine the true meaning of life. Sometimes, it is hard for an immigrant to talk about their past lives before coming to the country of their dreams. Many immigrants try to forget and are silent about their past, because they want to start fresh. Immigrants migrate to a different country for a variety of reasons. Mainly, immigrants migrate for a better life, more opportunities, and for the start of something new. Many immigrants before migrating to a new country have faced traumatic events in their life. One of those immigrants who faced and had daunting memories of their past is Li-Young Lee. Despite, the traumatic events in Li-Young Lee’s life before coming to America, Li-Young Lee, shares with us all his memories from the ups and downs. He is not silent about his past, and his life as a new American citizen. Young-Lee illustrates a strong…

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