Lgbtq Themed Materials For Teens Essay

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LGBTQ Themed Materials for Teens
The purpose of the research was to determine if students had adequate access to LGBTQ themed literature in their high school. The research was conducted from one state in the southern US from around 125 different schools. The reading material included nonfiction and fiction and biographies in determining what percentage of the high school’s library collection was made up of LGBTQ themed literature. In today’s society, many LGBTQ students are looking for reassurance that they are not so different than their heterosexual friends; they seek validation and acceptance just like anyone else. “Identity formation is a much more difficult task for most LGBTQ youth.” (Hughes-Hassell, Overberg, & Harriss, 2013). Since so many school mission statements are targeted toward multiculturalism and diversity in both curriculum and library content, it would make sense that, in order to properly support a teenagers need, a school library would be equipped with appropriate content geared towards a teens’ “social, emotional, physical, and sexual needs” (Hughes-Hassell et. al, 2013).
In order to determine the number of LGBTQ-themed fiction and nonfiction in each of the selected 125 libraries, the methodology to determine the appropriate amount of literature included subject searches including the words “gay”, “lesbian”, “transsexualism”, and “homosexuality”. The information was then incorporated into a spreadsheet document with the author’s name, as well as the…

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