Lgbt Schools For Lgbt Students Essay

1695 Words Nov 10th, 2015 7 Pages
Mr. Salazar, I would like to let you know that I admire your work. The article you wrote entitled, LGBTQ Students Need a Safe Alternative to Thrive and Stay in School, is a phenomenal article. We all know that the LGBTQ is a major topic in modern America today. It is a topic that will be here to say simple because Americans is uncomfortable with the thought of LGBT people in the country. Let me just say the thought of new schools for LGBT students is a great thought but it should never be enforced.
My first question to you would be, why exactly do we have erect a brand new school to host LGBT students? I feel as if them having their own school makes us an even bigger target. Think about it, a school full of homosexuals. I believe that a lot of homophobic student may go to the LGBT School and wait for the students to get out of school just to bully them. Studies have shown that “LGBT students, faculty and staff were significantly more likely (23 percent) than their heterosexual counterparts (12 percent) to experience harassment and were seven times more likely to indicate the harassment was based on sexual identity.” Students now a days have nothing but time because in school that are given countless worksheets, with no more than twenty questions on it, to do for homework.
Now on the flipped side in your article, you address my previous question and state that some of the classes are offered online. A lot of student of our day and age are more demanding of online courses.…

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