Lgbt Rights Of The Lgbt Community Essay

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Each and every day, the members of the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender (LGBT) community are gaining more and more support. People used to think that if you were anything but straight you were an abomination and was less than those who were straight. But things are changing. As of June of 2015, members of the LGBT community are now able to marry whomever they want. This is thanks to a decision made by the Supreme Court, which said that marriage is a basic right that everybody deserves. But with all of the successes this community has had, there are still many problems that they face. One of those problems arises when they try to start a family. For most, adoption is the first and most popular choice for those seeking to start a family, but it is not always that easy. Although the general public has become much more accepting of the LGBT community, some select few are not. There is a surprising large handful of adoption agencies that refuse to let same-sex couple adopt, claiming that they are unfit to be parents or that the child will grow up with a disadvantage because his/her parents are the same sex. But there is no evidence to show that same-sex couples are any worse at parenting than straight couples.
There are a handful of options a same-sex couple can look into when trying to start a family. One of options that they have is fostering a child. Although fostering a child is not as permanent as adoption, it is still a good way to get the satisfaction of raising a…

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