Lgbt Discrimination And The Lgbt Community Essays

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“Your services are no longer required.” Several people are told this after finding out they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual (LGBT). This is the discrimination that people of the LGBT community face rather often. It is all because they like someone of the same sex, and that is not equitable treatment to them at all. There are many difficulties that LGBT people face in the workplace, and they fall into three categories. Two main categories apply for these discriminations. There are also plenty of statistics that show the numbers of said discriminations in the workforce; for example, only eighteen states and the District of Columbia contains laws that protect LGBT workers from getting fired. Thankfully, there have been progressions towards equality for LGBT people in the workplace and in general as well. LGBT discrimination negatively affects many people, and it needs eradication from the workplace.
There are several difficulties that members of the LGBT community face every day, and it is unjust. First, it is legal to fire someone for their sexual orientation or gender identity in twenty-eight states (Calfas, 2015). Then, there are three main focuses that LGBT people face in the workplace. The first of the three is stereotyping. Jeffery, a sales person at a home design store, found himself being stereotyped by two heterosexual female coworkers and had this to say, “One of them came out and asked me if my partner and I had an open relationship” (Giuffre,…

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