Lewis Katz School Of Medicine Graduates Humanistic Physicians And Emphasizes The Caring Of Human Beings

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Lewis Katz School of Medicine graduates humanistic physicians and emphasizes the caring of human beings. I believe that patient interaction is as vital a part of being a physician as medical knowledge. At LKSOM, each student belongs to one of the seven Doctoring colleges. Through the Doctoring colleges, I will start learning and practicing critical clinical skills as early as my first year. Being with the same group over the next two years, I will not only learn to work with others in a team but also form meaningful relationships with faculty members. LKSOM is well known for its diversity and inclusion. Since its founding, it has been co-educational, graduating its first woman physicians as early as 1906. It trains its students to be culturally competent and ready to serve diverse patient populations. It also has a great connection with its surrounding communities. Located in North Philadelphia, Temple University Hospital (TUH) tries to meet the health needs of a vulnerable and economically stressed population, and I admire how it provides low cost or even free medical care. LKSOM encourages its students to service under-served populations and work to improve health equity. I would love to be part of the new The TEACH and CARE student-run clinic which offers primary care to the community from 5 to 8 PM. Not only will I gain valuable clinical experience, I will be serving the needs of the community at the same time. I am also confident that I will receive exceptionally…

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