Case Study: Monica Lewinsky And Bill Clinton Scandal

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The Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton Scandal of the mid to late 1990’s sent a shockwave across the nation, and was the first time in American history where the personal life of a sitting President was deemed as fair game for a pending criminal investigation. When Lewinsky came on board as a trainee in 1995 to the White House, no time was wasted in establishing an inappropriate relationship with the most powerful man on the planet at the time, President Clinton. The situation was an utter embarrassment for not only the Nation’s top executive, but for the entire country as a whole. The affair amongst the two was carried out for an undetermined amount of time, and legal proceedings stretched for years before a conclusion was reached in late 1998. With ample opportunity to come forward and be truthful, President Clinton remained deceitful. The crisis eventually reached the point of impeachment charges to be brought against the President, which is particularly absurd considering the nature of the entire debacle. In terms of crisis communication, this case was a textbook example as to how not to handle a crisis. There were many things the Clinton Administration could have done better.


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With one being an expert on the law, and the other an expert on communication, the two should have been able to get through to Clinton in convincing him not to bold face lie to the media. Understandably so, the President wanted to protect his image and reputation. However, over something so arbitrary as minor sexual misconduct, not to mention the fact that it was consensual, the communications team needed to have concocted a message that admits guilt, showed genuine remorse, and offered means that illustrated how accountability was to be

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