Lewinsky And Bill Clinton Scandal Analysis

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The Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton Scandal of the mid to late 1990’s sent a shockwave across the nation, and was the first time in American history where the personal life of a sitting President was deemed as fair game for a pending criminal investigation. When Lewinsky came on board as a trainee in 1995 to the White House, no time was wasted in establishing an inappropriate relationship with the most powerful man on the planet at the time, President Clinton. The situation was an utter embarrassment for not only the Nation’s top executive, but for the entire country as a whole. The affair amongst the two was carried out for an undetermined amount of time, and legal proceedings stretched for years before a conclusion was reached in
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Here, we aim to offer a better approach to the entire scenario, and critique some of the decisions made by Bill Clinton and his administration in 1998.


As the leader of the free world, Bill Clinton certainly did not lack key resources that could have been leveraged much more effectively than they were. With an entire public relations staff, devoted to protecting the image of the White House and the President, a far better job could have been done in delivery of the messages surrounding this scandal. With an inner circle of seasoned legal experts and public speakers with plenty of experience, there was no reason this scandal should have gone to the lengths it did.

Unfortunately, President Clinton dug himself a hole that he soon found he would not be able to dig himself out of. Had he used his intelligence to predict how badly this could have turned out, the entire scenario would have been averted.

Three men that could have handled this embarrassment far more effectively, would have been Bruce Lindsey, Sidney Blumenthal, and President Clinton
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The political scene in the United States is cutthroat in nature, so not only was the scandal going to be a personal and legal plight, but also leveraged by political opposition. This meant that there was absolutely no way possible the situation could have been left unaddressed and brushed under the rug. An impeachment scare would have been averted, and the ability to have recovered from the crisis would have been streamlined had a message of this nature been delivered prior to the lengthy hearing process that spanned the better portion of 1998. Of which, turned out to be a painful disgrace to the Office of the President.

Bill Clinton, could have been proactive, and very easily nipped this in the bud before it grew out of control. Instead of denying involvement with conviction time and time again, and lying to a grand jury as well as the people of the United States, Bill could have come clean. The infamous quote “I did not have sexual relations, with that woman. Miss Lewinsky.” (Clinton 1998), is still an embarrassing sound byte eighteen years later. Had the President collaborated with his insiders, swallowed his pride, and told the truth, the public perception would have been far more

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