Levi's Marketing Strategy

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5 Major Product Communication Strategies Used In International Marketing by Smriti Chand Marketing
Some of the important product communication strategies used in international marketing are as follows:
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These differences between the foreign and home market drive companies to market the same product using customized advertising campaigns.
Although it retains the economies of scale in manufacturing, the firm sacrifices potential savings on the advertising front. Clothing Company Levi’s uses this approach. Although the famous Levi’s brand name carries clout in many parts of the globe, and the basics such as manufacturing and distribution are pursued by Levi’s relatively uniformly, there are wide differences in its communication strategies within different markets.
As a consequence, Levi’s produces both global brand positioning ads and localized ads that appeal to specific markets. For example, for the British market, where Levi’s have a particular status among the young, TV ads highlight British icons of youth culture including Triumph cars and quirky celebrities, while for the French market, ads stress the perceived individual nature of French
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Instead of simply adapting existing products or services to the local market conditions, their mindset is to zero in on global market opportunities. Black & Decker is a good example of a company that adopts the product invention approach to international market expansion. Black & Decker aims to bring out new products that cater to common needs and opportunities around the world to manage its global product development process. Black & Decker set up a worldwide household board.
This steering committee approves global plans, allocates resources and gives direction and support, among other tasks. One of the product innovations flowing from this global product planning approach is the SnakeLight Flexible Flashlight. The SnakeLight was first launched in North America, and then, six months later, in Europe, Latin America and Australia. The product addresses a global need for portable lighting. The SnakeLight proved to be major hit around the

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