Levis Case Essay

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Levis Case
1. Do you think that Levi’s was correct to keep the Levi Strauss name on its Signature line? Or would it have been better off creating a completely new brand name? Present both sides of the case. Take and justify a position.
I don’t think they were correct to use that brand name because the Levi Straus is bringing down the Levis name. Personally I would not buy Levis jeans anymore if I knew that there were such low price Levis jeans around. It degrades the brand to the eyes of the higher end customers.
2. What do you think Levi’s image is among the following? What are the marketing implications of your response?
a. Tween girls (aged 10 to 12) (I don’t think they will necessarily have a strong opinion, at this age jeans
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After having so many different branches, I believe they should cater to younger consumers’ needs because by reaching up to the younger crowd, they might make a better name out of themselves since kids are easily pressured. Making cool hip jeans for the youth might be a great way to re boost their image.
10. How can Levi’s use each of the following to enhance its brand image?
a. Emotion (they can have adds that appeal to consumers emotions to make them buy more)
b. Humor (can take a comedian and make a funny commercial to make it memorable)
c. Maslow’s needs (they can appeal to the different needs of the pyramid and make people see that by buying Levis they can strive and go higher in the pyramid)
d. McGuire’s needs (they can appeal to the customers buy touching the different motives that they will have when purchasing the Jeans)
e. Brand personality (appeal to the five basic dimensions of brand personality)
f. Self-concept (make consumers realize how much they need these specific jeans, the benefits coming from it)
11. How should Levi’s market to teen consumers in each of the following ethnic groups?
a. African American (have lower wasted jeans with wider legs and more of a curvy structure)
b. Arab American (have some different colored jeans)
c. Asian American (more of a flat structure and maybe smaller and tighter)
d. Asian-Indian American (have some vivid colors)
e. Native American (browns and kaki colors)
f. White (have structured

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