Levi's Case Study: Levi Strauss & Co.

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Register to read the introduction… puts high importance on the people variable. Because Levi's has set up Levi's outlets all over the world, they are able to give highly specialized and helpful advice to customers. Also, customer service will generally be a lot better than in department stores, because the customer will always be able to get what he is looking for, as Levi's outlets tend to have all the different Levi articles in stock, which you will never find in a normal department store.

Levi Strauss recruitment tactics are usually very motivating and quite unorthodox. As taken from an Internet career database: "Ask any Levi Strauss & Co. employee and they'll tell you: working at Levi's is a truly unique experience. … If selected you'll join a global team of 30,000 people involved in, or supporting, the design, creation and marketing of products, carrying one of the world's most recognizable brand names." This kind of recruitment is not very common in the business world and it reflects the connection that Levi's builds up with its employees.

Levi's is also one of the very few companies where employees are actually encouraged not to wear suits and ties, but instead only casual wear (in most countries, not all). This will have a positive effect on the work atmosphere, or so Levi's
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You have different television ads of Levi's and all of them show the importance of the Levi's jeans and how life would be without it. Let's remember for example the ad of last year, where this perfect guy falls from his boot and start to drawn but luckily for him his was wearing the 501 jeans, which attracted the sirens who after touching him everywhere, they give him the kiss of life and of course they want something in exchange, so they started to unbutton his jeans but of course he prefer to keep his jeans, so he escape from them. Another ad which also shows a young guy taking the padlock from his bike to attach his jeans so that it doesn't get stolen. Thus the ads want to express the feeling that life doesn't worth it with out a Levi's

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