Levi And Arendt : Banality Of Evil Essay

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Levi and Arendt: Banality Of Evil
During 1941 to 1945 Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich tried to eliminate all Jews. What they did was a systematic, organized genocide. Some people shared the ideology of the Führer and believed that the Jews were the cause of Germany’s problems and therefore should be punished. Some people believed that what was happening in Germany was horrible and there were those that believed that what they were doing was not bad because they were only doing their job. Some soldiers didn’t have much of a choice. Either you joined Hitler or were killed. The tried to rationalize their actions and would say that they had a job that required them to contribute to the genocide of Jews, but it was in accordance with the law so it was okay. After the war some soldiers, like the SS, claimed that they should not be tried for war crimes because they were simply following orders and obeying the law in the country they lived in; almost as a means of survival. This was an interesting argument and it is one that Otto Adolf Eichmann made during his trial in Israel in 1961. However, Eichmann was an important man in planning the mass deportation of Jews into ghettos and concentration camps. It is also noted that during his trial he did not show remorse or guilt for his actions because he believes that since he was just following orders that he has nothing to be guilty about. He did not personally kill all the prisoners and felt that therefore he was not responsible and…

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