Leverage Leadership Case Study

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We are entering into a new age of accountability. Schools are no longer aloud to just operate as autonomous and slightly mysterious entities in the community. We have a shared responsibility, with our stakeholders, to educate every child that we serve. Teachers must learn to work cooperatively and with purpose, administrators must ensure that their teachers have the appropriate professional development opportunities to be successful, school boards must allot the funds to support growth, and parents and students must be active participants in the process. All of this is possible with transparency, collaboration, and clear (SMART) goals and mission statements. To make all of this possible, it takes strong leadership. According to Paul Bambrick Santoyo, author of Leverage Leadership, “What really makes education effective is well-leveraged leadership that ensures great teaching to guarantee great learning” (Bambrick Santoyo, p. 6). At Platte River Academy, where I am the Director of Special Services, the leadership team actively supports teacher growth, and ultimately student growth, through the use of professional learning communities. The …show more content…
Now What?, into our structure. We are using this resource to determine how much and what types of data will best serve collaborative inquiry and the group’s ultimate outcomes for student achievement (Lipton & Wellman, 2012). All of the members of this team use data in their individual position within the school, therefore, it is important for us to make sure that our data provides a broad and deep view, but that it is not so complex that the becomes overwhelming and unmanageable (Lipton & Wellman, 2012). It is exciting to integrate new ideas and practices into our team to better help the children whom we

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