Essay about Levels of Government on Immigration Issue

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Levels of government on immigration issue An issue that plagues many border states and is a hot topic in Arizona is immigration reform.
The increase of illegal immigrate crossing the border, taking needed jobs, and receiving benefits such as welfare without paying taxes, is only half of the issue. The other half would be one of Mexico's most powerful drug organizations known as The Sinaloa Cartel. With the cartel's greedy desire to smuggle drugs into the country, the amount of home invasions, burglary, theft, and killings has left the citizens of
Arizona in fear. Making the state government take extreme measure in hopes of protecting its people. Measures such as the governor of Arizona Jan Brewer speaking with President
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This was due to some declaring the Act is unconstitutional and filing civil rights suits, including one by the United States
Department of Justice. The Supreme Court ruled on the case Arizona verses United states in June 2012.
Stating the majority of the Act was in violation of the Supremacy Clause and only allowing police officers to check ones legal status during law enforcement stops. Having the Supreme Court shoot down most of the Arizona SB 1070 Act only increased the level of controversy in the country. Resolution from states such as Michigan and Tennessee approving and supporting Arizona's laws were meet with force from states, such as California, Illinois, and Michigan who disagreed with Arizona SB 1070 wishing to refrain from doing business with or in the state of
Arizona. By undermining Arizona law, the federal government has amplified crime associated with illegal immigrants within the state. Basically stating the federal government is more concerned with protecting the rights for those who reside in the country illegally, and fearing to be viewed as un-PC. Instead of protecting the people who are citizens of this country, even if it means getting their hands a little dirty. Though there is no one answer that will solve the illegal immigration problem our country faces today. It is however, apparent our federal government should aim

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