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Unit 365 Understanding the Process and Experience of Dementia. A1 Describe the causes of all the different types of Dementia Alzheimer’s disease: The brain is a very complex organ and it is divided up into different areas that control bodily functions. The brain contains at least 100 billion cells. In dementia some of these cells stop working. The part of the brain this occurs in will affect how that person thinks, remembers and communicates. Alzheimer's disease

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However rapid progression to dementia and obvious neurological symptoms distinguish CJD from depression.
Within weeks unsteadiness and lack of coordination are likely. Sometimes these symptoms appear first. There may be sudden jerky movements, rigid limbs, maybe blindness and incontinence; difficulty in speaking and swallowing.
Eventually the patient loses the ability to move or speak and will need full time nursing care. CJD has been transmitted by treatment with human growth hormone. This is known as peripheral transmission because the rote to the brain of the infective agent is through the circulation not direct into the brain. Peripherally acquired CJD may be more like Kuru, with symptoms of ataxia (unsteadiness and lack of coordination) predominating and dementia being a rare feature.

Variant Cjd

Variant cjd is a form which affects people at a younger age with the average age of death being 29 years. The average time the person is affected by this disease is 14 months. Variant cjd is caused by bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) a form of prion disease which affwcts cattle. The person contracts this disease by eating infected beef products. To reduce the risk of infected beef products reaching the market, manufactors now remove the animal’s brain and spinal cord from general sale.
Fronto temporal dementia
This is a rare form of dementia and it tends to affect younger people and is more common within men. The condition is caused
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