Letters From The Earth By Mark Twain Essay

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Letters from the Earth
The entirety our our semester has focused on one major theme: the disappearance or hiddenness of God. Various texts, including the Disappearance of God, centralize this argument based off of observations and evidence alone. Diving solely into Letters from the Earth, Mark Twain illustrates God’s hiddenness with a satirical piece separating God’s perspective from human’s and even Satan’s viewpoint of God’s involvement. The widened gap of views, from God, humans, and Satan, show discrepancy in the religious world that Mark Twain presents. From there, readers can observe parallels into our present state with God. The three distinct views combine to prove the disappearance of God and align to the continuation of the issue today. Before you can even begin relating Mark Twain’s Earth to our own, we must understand and differentiate between the the people at hand. Starting with the highest of the three, God’s view of his relationship with humans strikes up the most peculiarity. According to God, he created Earth, animals and humans alike for the purpose of an experiment. He recognizes no involvement in human affairs. He created them and sat back telling others, or angels, to “Observe them, and be instructed.” He even goes so far as to say, “Time will show whether they were worth the trouble.” No emotion is tied with God and his creation. He made them with the Law of Nature and disappeared. One cannot argue in Mark Twain’s depiction that God did not disappear…

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