Letter To Losing A Father

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Writing this letter is going to be hard for me, but, in the end I need it. I need to get everything that I’ve bottled up or I’ve ever felt over the past three years. I’ve been struggling to find the ability to put my thoughts and feelings into words. When I think of you, I have too many things to say but hopefully by the end of this letter, you’ll hopefully understand what I want to get out. For 17 whole years, you were the center of my universe. I was “Daddy’s Little Girl,” I was your princess. Although I didn’t act like you meant the world to me during the last stage of your life, you did. You were my everything. You were the reason I woke up in the morning, everything I did was to make you proud and I hope you know that everything you did for me was enough. You were enough. I guess you can …show more content…
It’s something that is going to affect you for the rest of your life. It’s not something you can put a bandaid on and hope it doesn’t leave a scar. Losing a father leaves it scars, whether it be visible on your skin or not. Believe me, losing someone with such an important role in your life leaves its scars. It leaves you vulnerable and sensitive to even the most mundane activities. To this day, I still find myself getting upset over seeing my friends with their fathers. I find myself filling with rage and jealousy over people complaining about their dads. It’s hard to not get jealous when someone has something that you don’t, especially when it’s a father. It’s been three years, and I still question life and its importance because after you left I felt alone. But in the end, I know you’re still here. You’re still with me wherever I go. You’re still playing the role of the protective father. You’re still shielding me from the evils of the world. I know that although you’re not here physically, your love and affection is something that will never be lost. It’s with me, you’re with me no matter where I

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