Letter to Joyce's Eveline's Father Essay

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25 November 1844
Dear Father, I have always attended your every need, and I was there whenever you needed me. I worked hard. I worked hard at home, I worked hard at the store and I’ve come to realize; I am not in the bit happy. I am not happy about working this much and I am not happy about what I get for it. Everything is changing, everybody’s going somewhere and I am stuck and my life isn’t going anywhere. I remember how my mother used to be. She used to work hard, very hard. She sacrificed herself for us father, and I am not her and I can’t be like her here. I will always be her daughter here, not a woman. Daughter of a ghost! I am leaving father, although with sorrow in my heart, I am leaving. I am running away with Frank.
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I am leaving to choose a life Harry, to have a life of my own, to be able to live, to be able to be not only a daughter but a wife, but a mother; a respected woman. I cannot live with two tragedies in this house. Ernest, and of course mother… Their memories still haunt me, I still hear my mom screaming “Deveraun Seraun!” right before… Please don’t think I betrayed my family, because if I don’t go I will betray myself. Don’t I have the right to be happy? Don’t I deserve to be happy?
I advise you to get a maid for the house. Youngest daughter of Devines, Maria is a nice girl and she wouldn’t ask for too much money. Tell father to be nice to her though, and you will have to check on him more often than you do. He’s getting old Harry, it’s hard for him.
Tell children I love them and I will write to them. Maybe who knows, one day they come to visit me when they are older. Tell them Aunt Eveline had to leave and it is not in the bit their fault. Make sure they eat enough and go to bed on time. The little one’s grades aren’t very good but be kind to him. He just needs more help.
My best wishes to you and the children Harry. Farewell.

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