Essay about Letter Of Mercy Hill Church

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The site that I visited was Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro, NC. I went to a sermon, with some friends, that took place on a Sunday night. When we arrived at the church, we stayed together and observed the site. The members of this church all seemed to be within their twenties and thirties; there were a few younger children and a few older women and men, but not many. Most of these people seemed to be from Christian ethnic backgrounds or just unaffiliated with any ethnicity. The service was very casual; people were dressed in jeans and a nice shirts or, for the women, a nice casual dress and cardigan. There were probably close to 100 people and everyone was very welcoming and friendly; if they did not know you they would still come up and talk to you. This church was just a happy and friendly environment to be a part of. Mercy Hill Church was in a building that resembled a reception hall or something like a small convention center. Outside, before walking into the building, there were tents set up where you could go and speak to people about upcoming events that the church would be hosting. When we walked inside there was a place to make your own cup of coffee before the sermon, which took place in a room that looked like a reception hall. The room had chairs set up in a pew-like fashion and at the front there was a stage with a band, as well as, two big screens on each side of the stage. Once everyone was seated and it was time to begin, the band had everyone stand up for…

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