Essay on Letter Of Letter From A School

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My Letter to You Before You Go… (print out photos of us)

Emmanuel Blake Netherly or simply Mannie,

Well, it’s officially here… you’re really about to head off to LSU. I never really thought this day would ever get here as soon as it did, but it did. You’ve been waiting for this moment for some time now and I know you’re more than just excited to be there. But before you get too comfortable, I would just like to go over a few of our memories, so hopefully you won’t forget.
I remember the first time ever knowing of you, it was the Crosby vs. BH game and I remember asking someone who #16 was that was running up and down the field catching all the touchdown passes. I soon found out it was you and was like umm okay that’s cool. Fast-forward to the next semester and you were at BH again, but this time for a different sport-track. You were sitting with some Dayton people on the field and I came walking up being dramatic about something. Although we didn’t speak at that particular moment in time, you eventually “slid in the DMs” a month later. What happened after that was something else. As I told you before I wasn’t trying to even remotely like anyone at the time, but with you it was different. You were so easy going and fun to be around. To be honest you made it easy for me to like you. We started out by just hanging out at track meets and facetimeing throughout all hours of the night regardless of whether it was the school week or the weekend. We basically went on the same…

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