Essay on Letter Of Intent / Goal Statement

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Letter of Intent/ Goal Statement: My professional interest is to become a teacher and then open my own learning center. Being a teacher has always been my dream career and I plan on living that dream. Teachers have a responsibility to take up a leadership to not only lead them into a positive direction but to help get them ready to take on the real world. My goal is to be able to become a teacher and then later on build a learning center that can help all students with a mission to help our children attend and graduated kindergarten- 12th grade and college. I have a passion to teach children and I found my passion at a young age. I personally enjoy every moment that I can help teach someone. The feeling that I get and the smile on their faces that I get to see is a wonderful thing and so priceless. I want to become a teacher because I feel that I can take on the responsibility to teach children, be a great role model, a leader, and a support system. The children that I tutored and the help from family and school are what influenced me to become a teacher. Each time that my school gave me the opportunity to tutor children within the school I knew and they knew that teaching is the career for me. Each and every time that I was given the chance to tutor children I felt like it is was a blessing and so wonderful. Each experience had its own challenges and that’s what comes with the territory. I learned that everything will not always go as planned and you will always have…

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