Letter Grades Is Long Before We Are Born Essay

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Letter grades existed long before we are born. According to Mark W. Durm, “1883—At Harvard there is a reference to a student making a B. This apparently was the first use of a letter for a grade that can be found” (1). There are many great leaders attended schools and received letter grades; even our grand parents might have received letter grades in their life. Many people attended school and grew up with grades and every one of us is very familiar with grades. We fought for good grades to get into different programs and honor rolls. If we ban letter grades and disburse report cards with comments, students and parents will be confused what they are actually receiving. Each letter represent students’ performances in school and allow them to see where they at. Letter grades exists to motivate students to do better at school, allow positive competition to happen, and have better success in accomplishment in life.
Letter grades motivate students to do better. Students will always receive report cards at the end of the semester, quarter, or term. Jake Shore points out “By examining a teacher’s feedback, students are not only able to track their progress by identifying gained knowledge, but are able to see their grades getting higher”. It is importing for students to know what they receive in the class and see what their teachers say about them in the comment section or comment codes, this is a way for students to know what they should maintain or improve on. Students would…

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